A Story From Superman Comics

Most of us know this story. A traveler from a different world crash lands in the world is raised by a man and his spouse, then grows to be the best hero that ever lived.  He possesses powers that the likes the world hasn't seen, and due to his small, honest upbringing, he owns the traits most of us strive for.  He is almost perfect in every single way.

The proliferate of DC Comic Hero’s, Superman stands for all of the great things in life, truth, justice, freedom, kindness, intellect, strength, etc. Clark Kent, the alter ego of the Man of Steel, is assumed to function as one people are able to relate to. You can read the best superman comics at https://www.stripweb.be/R-stripverhalen-soeperman-bestellen.asp.

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He's the mild-mannered, considerate, bumbling everyman that offers the perfect camouflage for your Kryptonian superhero. Also, Clark Kent is a boy scout, whose morals and values really are every bit as stout as Superman's himself. And therefore, it makes it difficult to link to live up to being Clark Kent.

The center of each Superman story was Superman swooping in to save the day from immoral villains and ruffians. Even Lex Luther was the epitome of evil incarnate through the Superman mythos. Now, however, and for a little while, Luther is becoming more than simply wicked. He's come to be a villain using a goal, and a purpose that is reasonable.

His twisted viewpoints and perspective on things obtained him the presidency of the USA at the DC Universe for a moment, which caused a whole lot of battle for Superman, who understood just how evil Lex was. In the last few decades, Superman has evolved somewhat and has revealed his flaws too. 


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