Change The Business Look With Digital Transformation Book

Innovation in the face of major external change is critical for any organization's success, but wanting to do frequently results in more questions than actions: Where would you begin? How do you get the appropriate resources? How should the function be executed?

For the first time, these questions are answered in one book that covers the final execution of digital transformation — from leadership-level strategy to on-the-ground team execution. You can find out the digital companies syllabus in more detailed way according to your business needs.


The technologies that governments and companies use to find out who we are have changed drastically during the past ten years. There have been incredible advances in things like federal identification systems, biometrics, and online identity — both the very systems at the heart of our government, market and political order. 

That you don't usually see it from the headlines, however, this has been having an enormous effect. These technological changes happen to be re-shaping the world — affecting everything from how we proceed across borders, to how we interact with organizations and arrange our society. They have been changing the very definition of citizenship itself.

It explores the prospect of advanced reforms, assesses cyber-security risks, discusses the dangers posed to civil liberties, and examines the new types of social contracts which will result from the widespread usage of these technologies that are transformative. 

It explores the systems of dozens of nations and contains interviews with many prominent global thinkers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, scientists, academics, military leaders, and administration leaders.

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