Choosing A Dog Toy foe Your Canine

There are so many types of dog toys that choosing the right one can take a little time. The trick is to find toys that suit your dog personality. It depends on your dogs playing habits, which dog toy you should choose. Various dog toys have been designed to be used in different ways.

There are chew toys, a plush toy and stuffed toys, rope toys, Kongs, gifts toys and dog toys that are to help with for dental health care. You can find a wide selection of dog toys at Vet Co for your beloved canine.

What should I consider

o Size – large enough that your dog can not "swallow"

o Safe

o Design

o Durable

o Easy to clean/wash

First and foremost, make sure you choose an appropriately sized dog toy for your dog. If the toy is too small, your dog can choke if it's too big it may be too much for a smaller dog to handle. Whatever you select as a dog toy, inspect it and make sure it is safe and well constructed. Dog toys that are Strong and easy to clean are a good choice.

What you want in a Dog Toy

o Strong  and easy to dispose of 

o Floating

o Does your dog like it

o Guarantee

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