Guidelines For PLC Wiring

PLC – Programmable Logic Control – is an industrial computer specially developed for industrial control systems. Now let's cover a guide for PLC wiring.

There are two main styles:

1. A small type called all-in-one that attaches directly to DIN rail cladding. They are connected in a similar way to contactors.

2. Modular type consisting of a frame or rack and several separate modules for support. The rack is first attached to the chassis – the smaller it fits into the DIN rail, the bigger the screw. The individual modules are then included in this stand.

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Wiring connections can be made using rack-mounted screw terminals or multi-directional connectors attached to each module. The rack must be connected to the safety connection circuit.


They are usually strong but contain electronic elements and circuit boards. Therefore, they must be protected from moisture, heat, dust, and corrosive atmospheres in the control cabinet. Do not install the PLC near sources of vibration such as large contactors and circuit breakers.

Make sure the mounting surface is flat to avoid tension. Excessive force on the circuit board can cause damage. If a device causing electrical noise or heat is in front of the PLC, leave at least a 100 mm distance between the PLC and the device.

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