Safety Concerns For Wheelchair Ramps Users

Building a wheelchair ramp is something that needs to be done with great care. Ramps that have been designed and built incorrectly put the end users at risk and create situations that are hazardous. 

The situation can be unsafe for not only the wheelchair user but also the care provider and all that use the ramps as a mode of entering and exiting the home. Compact wheelchair ramp installers are certified and trained to install ramps that meet the ADA guidelines. 

It is important for the end user to be safe. Wheelchair ramps must be safe, stable and resistant to slips. It is also important that at any surface entering, on or exiting the ramp that is not part of the whole be marked with fluorescent tape.

The length of the ramp is also something that needs to be considered. It is important that the ramp be a safe length. That length is determined by the user and it must fit into the space allowed.

Consider the weather conditions in the area in which the ramp will be located. If the area is particularly rainy or will be in a snowy location take extra precautions to provide a slip resistant floor to the ramps. It is all about keeping loved ones safe. 

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