The Tantalizing Dream Just Came True

At first glance, the rage cage was a tantalizing dream. It is a place where customers pay to have everything broken – from beer bottles to desktops. People are sincerely looking for ways to release anger. They are experiencing something like a bad day at work or a life-changing phase such as a painful divorce. 

There is great anger in society in the face of the political climate. Besides, people are always disappointed by something. Playing smash room games with angry cells is a very cathartic activity, and there are some people who find purpose and therapeutic value in it. 

Rage rooms in Fort Myers: Break stuff, feel good as trend comes to Southwest Florida

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From the outside, Rage Ground looks like another ineffable storefront in the heart of LA's Fashion District, nestled among wholesalers of bargain jewelry and leather goods. Right at the entrance is a shelf with white overalls and a large pile of work gloves and construction helmets with face shields.

Customers sign affidavits, wear protective clothing and are shown into one of five rooms in outer space, where the walls are covered in plywood and graffiti and a soundtrack of heavy metal or hip-hop pumps over the speakers. 

Then it's time to choose from a variety of metal bats and levers that will crush a wide variety of items. Throwing items against the wall to see them break is also allowed. And if everything goes according to plan, everything will fall to pieces until the session (from 15 minutes to an hour) runs out.

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