Tongue and Lip Stretching Routine

To treat the tongue tie or lip tie issues, a demand for active wound care and stretching is required. The rationale behind stretching exercises will be to help decrease the wound from overly contracting and strengthening as the tongue area heals.

Tongue and lip extending frequency and routine:

You can heal the tongue-tie of your baby in over fourteen days if you do proper tongue-tie stretching by getting help from an expert dentist.

As a parent, you’ll need to attempt and discover the best time to perform easy tongue tie stretches for baby. Usually, you can do stretching of the tongue during breastfeeding. Don’t forget to consult a doctor before you start.


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How to perform the tongue tie stretches?

Gently operate your finger to the mouth and beneath the tongue. Hold that thickness with all the fingers and then move the finger around the tongue and rear in a pendulum movement. 

Complete 4 complete pendulum swings beneath the tongue and above the wound site, while touching the region below the tongue. 

Repeat about 3 times. Don’t remove the finger from beneath the tongue, but rather push the finger up and back towards correspondence and also hold the tongue in place for 5 minutes. This will finish the tongue extending.


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