Soil Analysis for Gardeners

If you are new to gardening, and your soil is new then soil analysis is very important for you. The soil reaches the root system of the plant and provides the elementary nutrients needed for plant development. 

But for the whole process to function correctly, you need to know the soil structure. A better understanding of the ground can be understood, and plants can be grown through expert soil analysis.

It is a simple fact that the land capable of being plowed and cultivating crops on the topsoil is 11%and can be described as very productive.

The remaining 89% of the land of the earth is either too cold, too steep, too dry, or too sterile to support crop growth. Hence if you do not know the soil structure and composition, then everything will become difficult for a new grower. 


Soil nutrients are essential for growing and developing plants. Mineral nutrients are present in the solution in soil water, where it is taken in and above by the root system of plants. 

The soil analysis will tell various things like if your soil needs lime? If lime is required, the analysis will recommend the amount to be applied. Most importantly when you know what you have and what your soil may need you can then make positive amendments to your soil that will help your plants flourish, hence soil analysis is important.


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