Craniosacral Therapy – Healing Through Touch

CST is based on the principle that the skull, spine, and sacrum share an inherent rhythm with the surrounding ligaments, muscles and fascia. When synchronized, these rhythms facilitate smooth movement and circulation of cerebrospinal fluid.

This in turn ensures good lubrication of the intervertebral joints and facets of the spine and contributes to the good health and functionality of the spine and other body systems. You can navigate online if you want to hire experts for cranio-sacral therapy in Santa Cruz.

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This rhythm is called the "breath of life" and is similar to the concept of "prana" in Eastern medicine. Craniosacral therapists attempt to "read" or touch these rhythms and move their hands in sync with the body to normalize the system.

Several important points on the body, such as the base of the skull, the area over the sacrum and diaphragm, are essential for the release of soft tissue or bone blocks so that their movement and flow are optimized.

Embryo maturation theory also supports the principle of CST. During embryogenesis, the same layer of skin (ectoderm) develops in the brain and in nerves, which differentiates to form skin.

Today it is possible to take part in practical seminars and short courses to study this technique. CST degrees or certificates are not possible. CST also got its share of the skeptics.

They question the existence of craniosacral rhythms and their relationship to health, arguing that there is no evidence to support the effectiveness of the approach. The highly subjective nature of the whole process with limited or no objective measurement also removes the point from the technique.

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