Evaluate Your ADR Options

When a new file enters the office, the processing attorney must determine whether the ADR is appropriate. While many lawyers switch to automatic detection mode, the considerations of ADR should not be overlooked. There is no reason to wait for the case management conference to decide on an appropriate ADR. There are some companies that provide ADR services.

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Lawyers also have the right to choose a mediator outside of the CADRe case for the Santa Barbara High Court case. Once the attorney decides to pursue ADR, an appointment must be made immediately to remove the case from the court's "radar screen".

Gather information in a new file

Many offices use templates to represent client law firms. This initial contact with a new client demonstrates the amount of work needed to keep the case active and up to date. Cooperative clients provide accurate and complete information and sometimes call the working attorney too often in the event of a malfunction regarding status.

One method of gaining control over the customer when gathering information is to send a questionnaire to the initial contact letter based on the likelihood of findings. Send clients a multi-page questionnaire based on interviews with the Judicial Council and C.C.P. The 2031 document requirements can accelerate preparation for future discoveries.

The jury has to wait for a client who is not cooperating and makes the mistake that the client will be difficult. This makes receiving information from cooperative customers more useful. Save tons of hours of work with customized Office templates for future discoveries and use voluntary release notes. This will help maintain ADR case status.


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