Things To Know About Quran

Education is essential for two reasons. It provides an individual with the ideal mental tools so he can think clearly and in the ideal direction.

If one has no instruction, then you can't think properly in a suitable manner. Education trains a person how to think and how to make an informed decision. Nowadays there are many opportunities for obtaining any expert/master program from the outside world online.

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Someone without education is like a closed area, without light and fresh air, while with schooling someone feels as though he's in a room with its windows open towards the outside world, with loads of light and fresh air.

Knowledge among Muslims is spreading because it is one of the remaining people on the planet. Muslims all around the world are coming up with better ideas, they've started to think and reflect more about the world around them, and they're showing greater interest in new information, and they're acquiring new skills.

This is the Industrial Age and the world is growing extremely fast. It's the duty of people about the field of education to provide people with quality education Research informs us that the Western view of

Had there'd been no tendency to learn, life would have been at risk. The growth and sustenance of the human race could have been at risk if knowledge of medicine and other branches of knowledge hadn't been pursued. The regular recitation of the Quran reminds us of the importance of education and reinforces our attention regarding it.

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