Now Even A Spanish Bible Is Available In Audio Form

Even if someone is Latin and speaks English, they may also have difficulty understanding complex words and phrases written or spoken in English. Out of courtesy, they will never tell you this, but this does not reduce the fact that they often do not fully understand what they have heard in conversation. 

The good news for everyone who speaks Spanish is that now there is an audio version of the Spanish Bible now available. You can explore interesting facts about bible statistics compiled from various sites and sources.

Much more comfortable

With the audio version of the Spanish Bible, almost every time is a comfortable time to listen to it. Inside the car on the way to work, or even when you are working and then while driving home, just put and press the play button. At night, or when friends and family have gathered is the right time to listen to the audio version of the Spanish Bible. Also, at night when you lie on the bed, it's very nice to fall asleep when listening to the Bible read to you.

The Most Repeated Verse in the Bible

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Good for children of all ages

There are so many kinds of Christian texts that are now available in audio forms and of course, include extensive CD selection available for children. Children will also like the biblical illustration in the form of a DVD that they can watch on TV. They allow children not only to hear but also to see with their own eyes the fantastic story that the Bible tells.

Great Bible translation

Translating is another great feature of this new Audio CD. With audio bones featuring detailed translations, there is nothing left scratching their heads when it is difficult to understand or understand the verse or part read.

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