How Functional Medicine And Brain-Based Therapy Does A Body BETTER!

This title is a game in an advertising campaign The dairy industry made a few years ago. We all remember "milk does good". Here's why I think the functional medicine and the therapy based on the brain used together to make the body!

Reason number one – Better muscular coordination. Due to the increased activity in the nervous sensors in the joints after a chiropractic fit, your muscular coordination and your control become better. You can also schedule online for functional medicine via

This means that you will be less likely to reinject yourself, that you play sports, play with your children or play with your household.

When the brain detects that the joint movement is not as the muscles should come into spasms to protect the articulation. In the short term, it's a very good thing. 

Reason number two – Increased balance. If you remember the previous section, chiropractic adjustments increase the activity of nervous sensors in the joints. The nerves of the joints then go to several different destinations in the brain. His name is the cerebellum. Another is the vestibular nuclei. 

These two areas of the brain are very involved in awareness of balance, coordination, and body position. The muscles and neck joints have the most direct influence on these two areas of the brain. 

Therefore, when there is a problem in the neck, many problems can result, but one of the most serious is a problem of vertigo, balance, and coordination.

Reason number three – Flexibility. Flexibility means that the body's joints have as much mobility as possible. The areas of your joints have a low blood supply because if there were blood vessels in the joints, they would be crushed, or collapse every time you move or let the pressure on them. 

So, how do your joints become nutrients and worn products? Well, the easiest way to understand this is to think about your joints like a sponge. 

They absorb the nutrients of fluids all around the articulation and are capable of absorbing nutrients depending on the movement. 

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