Top 6 Features to Turn Your Master Bedroom Luxurious

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Everyone yearns for a peaceful time in the bedroom after a hectic day. However, besides rest, there are lots of other things you need in that place. Do you know? You can have everything in your master bedroom that you would require for a small getaway. Here are some features you can consider adding to a lavish bedroom in your dream house.

  1. Extra-large Windows: When you have big windows in your bedroom, it adds a lot more than the luxury touch. You can get various health benefits and enjoy nature.
  2. Hanging Lighting: Bedside lighting hung on the wall or ceiling near the bed looks better than traditional lamps. With this, you get a functional add-on with a clean decor touch while freeing up space on a nightstand.
  3. Low Profile Bed without Fuss: Nowadays, no one wants high profile and bulky beds. Most of the homeowners prefer low-profile bedding without fuss. A good night’s sleep and a modern touch are what driving this trend.
  4. Mirror Headboard: An attractive antique mirror headboard can add a romantic and old-world flair to your bedroom. Here, a fine mirrored headboard can give your bed a sparkling touch that you can also set as a décor item.
  5. Ceiling Pocket: A hidden feature can make your bedroom look more appealing and luxurious. You can use a well-designed ceiling pocket to hide boxes or draperies for window shades.
  6. Antique Beams: If you want to include that old world and rustic warmth in your bedroom, consider those reclaimed antique beams.

Thus, with the right planning, you can create a comforting bedroom to decompress and unwind. Hiring builders from Hawthorne can help you design one that shows your personality as well.

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